A week ago, we showed you a teaser video of the new Case Studyo project with Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson. Today, Case Studyo are thrilled to announce the launch of a very special porcelain sculpture with the artist. This incense burner called ‘Vibes melt down 2043’ will enhance your office, home, maybe even a public place. It’s meant to stimulate the mind and evoke the hallucinatory and enlightening moments that are around us at all times through life and death.

As Case notes, "It’s not just a great art edition to have in your collection, but also works as a functional object for everyday use. For increased mellowness we find it works best when burning Nag Champa, so we supply 3 of those inscence cones with each object." 

Buy them here. 

20 cm x 20 cm
Edition: 50 white, 25 gold and 25 silver