Bus Stops in Krumbach, Austria

May 19, 2014

Bus stops are rather mundane, and turning them into public art projects is something cities have done for years to make them more appealing. Mostly, they just become advertisement centers for upcoming summer blockbusters. In Krumbach, Austia, a selection of renowned international architects turned 7 bus stops into mini-design projects. Some bizarre, some functional, some just a nice place to sit and look at a field. According to the site, Plataforma Arquitectura, "After a year of preparation, the town of Krumbach in Austria has revealed the seven bus stops that have made the attention of the design world from tipping over this small town. Internationally renowned architects such as Wang Shu, Sou Fujimoto and Smiljan Radic, worked in collaboration with local architects and craftsmen to develop creative structures that make this village of 1000 inhabitants a new tourist destination."