Konbit Shelter was started by artist Caledonia Curry (Swoon) after the devastating 2010 earthquake. In the months after the quake our team of artists, architects, engineers, and builders worked with locals to create a disaster-resilient community center for the village.

Swoon's Heliotrope Foundation recently launched a kickstarter to build bamboo shelters in Haiti.  Together, they went on to construct two single-family homes that combined traditional materials with modern building technologies, and that were crafted with careful attention to detail, form, and light.

They are now collaborating with the people of Cormiers, Haiti to build a modern bamboo house for a local family. This structure is also a communal work of art and architecture – it will involve local teachers, farmers, artists, architects, and school kids in every aspect of its creation. Last month, Hurricane Matthew brought more destruction to a place that has already suffered so much. As Haiti disappears from the daily headlines, the need for long-term economic recovery only grows.