Adam Nathaniel Furman's Sculptures Emerging from a Fictional Shut-in

June 24, 2015

In 2014, Adam Nathaniel Furman entered a three-month long residency with the London Design Museum. For the duration, he isolated himself in his studio and, guided by the residency's theme of identity, worked as a fictional character on his 3-D printed designs. The character emerged through his blog posts and social media presence and ultimately, Furman believes, he could only have produced this work through the character. At the end of the residency, the character dies—a heart attack caused by excessive use of stimulants—narrating post-mortem through his last blog post. As per the fiction, the lot of sculptures was bought by the Design Museum for their (real-life) exhibit of work, Identity Parade, produced during the residency: sculptures and a video . The character is consumed by the piece, his work the only remaining embodiment. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist. 

Via Vice.