It may be a bit touch and go on the reopening of the world, but we know you have been busy with some creative ideas in your time at home.  Every year around this time, we ask for your submissions for the world-renowned A'Design Award and Competition, which annually gathers thousands of submissions to underline the best designs and well designed products being made today. We have noted it before and will note it again if you don't quite understand what A Design is: "The A' Award and Competition aims to act as blender; to bring together designers, companies and the press." If you have a design idea, submissions are due by September 30, 2021!

We always gravitate to the Architecture and Interior Space categories, so that is what you see above, past winners. Why should you submit?: The A' Design Award and Competition offers an unique system for designers to sell their winning ideas to sponsor companies, likewise the companies can bid for the competing design ideas and make offers to buy the designs. The system also provides an online exhibition system and creates free profile pages for designers, innovators and companies, this system is always on and whether you win or not, you will have full access to the system. This is an interactive system where you can write your biography or corporate profile, create an extensive online portfolio by adding additional designs and exhibit new designs or products.

Before you read any further, if you have that great idea, submit it here:

hroughout the year, we are always updating you on our favorite designs from the current and past years. You can see there are over 100 categories for which this competition is judged by a group of expert jurors, who are an international jury of scholars, professionals and media members with in-depth knowledge of design. You can look at some past winners to get an idea on what sort things people are designing, or what you can find yourself in a unique place to add something fresh. We say it every year because its close to our heart, but the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category because that is vital to what we do here at Juxtapoz: looking at art in special places (even when this pandemic is over). We have also grown to love the Packaging Design category as well, which shared a bunch in the gallery above. See some more popular categories here. We announce the winners here on in April 2022.