Death, Music and "Memento Mori" at the Last Bookstore, LA

April 29, 2015

Dr. Paul Koudounaris, the author of Heavenly Bodies and The Empire of Death, returns to The Last Bookstore tonight (April 28th, 2015) to give a talk on his latest and greatest tome, Memento Mori. Unlike his previous books, this new volume is global in scope, and represents the best and most fascinating sites he has documented over the past decade. From Ethiopian burial caves, to gilded Asian mummies, to Bolivian skull festivals, this talk will be plunge the audience headfirst into a gloriously macabre rabbit hole, inviting them to places seldom visited and even less frequently documented. Memento Mori is a visual tour de force, and this talk will likewise be sumptuously illustrated with an accompanying slideshow. The author claims that with the publication of Memento Mori as his magnum opus, he is done with ossuary photography (“unless they discover charnel houses on the Moon, there’s really nowhere else for me to go with it,” he says), and this will be his only talk in Los Angeles on the book.

Dr. Paul Koudounaris holds a PhD in Art History (UCLA) and has taught classes at numerous universities and published in magazines throughout the world. He is the author of The Empire of Death, the first illustrated history of charnel houses and religious sanctuaries decorated with human bone. Named one of the ten best books of 2011 (London Evening Standard), it has garnered international attention for its combination of unique historical research and stunning photography.

Musical performance before with WORDS. WORDS: A band that formed because it had to, consisting of the powerhouse duo of classically-trained virtuoso Aniela Perry on cello and Wolf Prize guitarist Marisa DeMeglio on guitar, plus the addition of notorious musical journalist and poet D.M. Collins standing up in front, intoning words of pain and pleasure in such a fevered state that he often drops the microphone and runs around the venue, shouting lines of verse so loud that they can be heard over the sweet cacophony of his bandmates even acapella.

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