Day 2: Juxtapoz @ Outside Lands 2012

August 12, 2012

Day 2 of Juxtapoz at Outside Lands was another great one, with more great performances from Mike Shine, live painting from Skinner, Sam Flores, N8 Van Dyke, Curve, Diet, and, of course, music from Metallica, Sigur Ros, Grandaddy, Big Boi, The Kills, Portugal the Man, and Explosions in the Sky. Here are a few shots from our day... love that Dabs Myla tunnel piece... if this is how you entered a music festival, you would be happy, too. We picked a good spot for these two to go crazy. 

Grandaddy, reunited and it felt so good:


Glowsticks, flip-flops, here:


Sam Flores and N8 Van Dyke, muraling together again:


Wow, Alabama Shakes drew a crowd... 


Metallica, kicks off the night:


Skinner's completed mural, late at night... he ran to the lights above...


The last shot of the night, from Metallica walking into Sigur Ros' show... which was the best thing so far this weekend...