Day 1: Juxtapoz @ Outside Lands

August 11, 2012

As you know by now and from our Instagram, Juxtapoz is curating the art and spending the weekend at Outside Lands in San Francisco, and despite the freezing temps (glad we brought our hoodies to sell at the booth), we caught up with Dabs Myla, Mike Shine, Sam Flores, Guy Overfelt, Ricky Watts, and all sorts of Jux fans who stopped by our booth.

Oh, and there was music. Lots of music. Neil Young, Foo Fighters, The Walkmen, Beck, Of Monsters and Men, Sharon Van Etten, Reggie Watts, Die Antwoord, Tanlines, etc, all playing on day 1. Two more days to go.

Here is how we spent, and what we saw on Day 1. And thank you to everyone who stopped by and told us that we are the best magazine in the world. And to that one guy, Colin, who wants to intern for us.

Calm before the storm...


Reminder to the rest of the world; San Francisco summer time means 55 degree foggy afternoons. Our tees were blowing in the wind.


Mike Shine's set up...



Common scene: using the Guy Overfelt x Jeben Berg pieces as mirrors for maximum music festival style checks.


Dabs Myla setting up:


Sam Flores modeling Jux sunglasses:


N8 Van Dyke, very serious:


Oh, there was music, such as The Walkmen: