Dave Schubert "Recent Work" @ Electric Works, SF

Nov 01, 2013 - Nov 30, 2013Electric Works, San Francisco

One of the great contemporary photographers to come out of San Francisco over the past two decades, with a fantastic documentation of street culture that extends from graffiti to eaves-dropping moments, Dave Schubert just opened a series of new photo works at Electric Works in San Francisco this past weekend. From the gallery: "Schubert's deep commitment to documenting life on the street and his scholarship of the history of photography equal a powerful body of work. Often risking his own well-being Schubert makes images very few of us would dare to take, even if we were to witness them. The body of work will focus on images made in the Bay Area over the last decade, including many never-before-exhibited photographs. Schubert will be using both the main gallery and our project space to install this work which will include black and white and color photographs."