DALeast "The Laten Photon" @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC

Sep 04, 2014 - Oct 04, 2014Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City

DALeast "The Laten Photon" @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC
Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present The Laten Photon, an exhibition of new works by Chinese-born, South African-based artist DALeast in what will be his second solo exhibition at the gallery. In conjunction with Laten Photon, the artist will paint new public murals in New York and New Jersey.

Works in The Laten Photon are acrylic and ink on linen, some are tea-stained creating a textured background. In what has become his signature style, DALeast paints human and animal figures using a swirling vortex of organic black lines with white highlights. His use of predominately neutral colors makes the compositions airy and light, yet they are simultaneously overflowing with energy due to the ribbon-like fibers that comprise his subjects. Inspired by the way the material and spiritual world revolves, the artist paints nature and its inhabitants as existing in an environment of endless motion.

The concept behind The Laten Photon is inspired by quantum physics. The photon is an elementary particle that stimulates vision, when its structure is composed of dark matter, that causes atoms to collide and particles transform. We perceive these microscopic collisions as light. Converting invisible energy into a detectable entity, DALeast’s menagerie of subjects soar and hunt while fragments of their movements trail closely behind, like a shadow.

There is a palpable spiritual element in DALeast’s representation of the animal kingdom. It is undistinguishable whether his creatures are unraveling or coming into being, which in the artists words, “aligns with my interest in blurring the distinctions of duality that exist in the universe of our mind.” Day and night, human and beast, chaos and control are all paradoxes brought into question through DALeast’s sweeping imagery.

DALeast: The Laten Photon
September 4—October 4, 2014
Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC