Cyprien Gaillard and the Neon Cleveland Indian

January 28, 2013

Sometimes, the randomness of what icons make it into fine art blow our minds. Yes, the logo and mascot of the Cleveland Indians baseball team is iconic and has a certain vintage Americana design, but we would never thought it would be the basis of a fine art project, or public art project, in Berlin of all places. In 2011, fine artist Cyprien Gaillard placed the 10m tall Neon Indian on the Haus der Statistik at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, putting it completely out of its baseball context. Obviously, the artist is striking a chord with the idea of Native Americans imagery being used in an outdated way in the US, and the artist has used the Cleveland Indians logo in other works as well, but we think this public piece is his strongest use of the icon. (images from here)