Craigslist-assisted Readymade by Adriana Ramic

January 02, 2013

Have you ever scoured the strange and beautiful archive of free "stuff" on Craigslist? Free "stuff" in this context ranges from adorable puppies to sofas out in the snow, piles of dirt, and defunct televisions, all of which are simultaneously uplifting, sincere and full of hope for new ownership and suspect, sad, and blatantly abandoned.

The description of each respective item often rambles on, explaining why it would have value for its new owner, but at the same time still have no monetary value, an odd contradiction that too arouses excitement for a good deal and suspicion of the free "stuff" in question. Is that soft and friendly-looking puppy actually a sofa-soiling menace? Does he snap at any hand that reaches out to pet him or is he truly a cute and perfect canine companion ready for a new and willing home? Such is the exhilarating opportunity, fear, and potential disaster that free "stuff" on Craigslist can offer.

This compilation of perplexing peculiarity is beautifully streamlined for you right here by Adriana Ramic. Ramic has set up a system that "randomly chooses an American region and 3 of its free items every 8 seconds." And if you were ever concerned that you couldn't click once you saw something of interest, don't worry. Each image on Ramic's page is hyperlinked to its original post of origin.

Whether you really want any of this stuff or not, the images themselves are fascinating. The amateur photography of careful and/or terrible arrangements present many hilarious, amazing, and confounding decisions to add appeal to the item they wish to rid themselves of. Many of these decisions involve careless camerawork that simply capture chance moments, chance moments that too speak of the precarious place these items hold in our consumer society where the new often presides over the old. http://adrianaramic.com/