"Corrective Course" @ Marcas Contemporary Art, Santa Ana

Jul 05, 2014 - Aug 05, 2015Marcas Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA

Making a strong statement of faith in the future of high level contemporary art in Orange County, and in particular in the hip, burgeoning Santa Ana arts scene, Marcas Contemporary Art will open July 5th on the East End of Santa Ana’s Downtown District, bringing with it a cutting edge vision of contemporary art not yet seen in the region. The latest project of veteran curator Dana Jazayeri and artist Steven Daily, Marcas Contemporary Art is set to be not only a gallery, but a welcoming space where artists and art enthusiasts can gather, interact, and foster ideas collectively.

 “Corrective Course,” the inaugural exhibit, will feature the works of 40 contemporary artists many of whom have never shown in Orange County, and one, Peruvian muralist JADE, who is showing for the first time in the United States. The show, in keeping with the vision of the gallery, will concentrate on a diverse selection of techniques and stylizations. “Corrective Course” will present an amazing cross section of trending themes in contemporary art, including the work of figurative contemporary painters, like Laurie Lee Brom and Shawn Barber, sculptural elements from Lucien Shapiro, Tattoo fine-art painters Nikko Hurtado and Mat Hurtado, surreal works by Steven Daily and Dan Quintana, the illustrated expressions of Zach Johnsen and Brendan Monroe, and fine street art from Ben Eine and Victor Reyes.

 “It’s great to be a part of the artistic growth of historical Santa Ana,” said Jazayeri, who also owns AS ISSUED: Art + Design Bookstore (www.asissued.com) at The Lab in Costa Mesa, “we studied carefully where we wanted to be and we’re excited to bring another level of art here.” Daily adds, “We believe strongly in Orange County and Santa Ana is widely recognized as the hot spot for art right now. We’re proud to be a part of it and look forward to welcoming the community in.”

Jazayeri and Daily first starting working together as curator and artist over eight years ago. An established talent, Daily has shown his work all over the world for years and claims clients like Disney, Lucas Arts, Hasbro, Sony, HBO, T-Mobile, Dark Horse Comics- the list goes on and on. As their business relationship grew, Jazayeri and Daily began discussing the business of art, galleries, and how they could improve and/or change the status quo. ‘We wanted to make a gallery for the artist, a place where the work was more important than the building, Daily says, “like a museum or church, the building isn’t important, it’s what inside that matters.”
Jazayeri has been in the business of art since the age of 20 and opened his first gallery, Subject Matter, in Costa Mesa in 2002. Since then, he’s seen the awareness of contemporary art expand across the globe. “Art is pop culture and artists are celebrities now,” he says, “today, most people view art as a consumer product. At Marcas, we will focus on the artists’ work. Inform collectors, the media and the public, and treat artists as creatives, not a commodity. Their image and the work is what’s important, we are merely a conduit.”

Indeed, a big part of the stated mission of Marcas is to bring the community and collectors into the gallery and encourage interaction between them and the artists. “It is a big part of our vision to create a space that is a real incubator for creativity, Jazayeri adds, “not just for the artists but also for the community. An exciting place for real people, real artists and real art.” Already slated are classes, workshops, and tutorials, meant to foster an understanding and appreciation of art while creating a space where artists and patrons collaborate, share ideas and foster creativity.

Artists scheduled to show in Corrective Course: Dan Quintana, Alex Garcia, Nikko Hurtado, Mat Hurtado, Kevin Peterson, Jasmine Worth, JoKa, Adrian Dominic, Shawn Barber, Tom Haubrick, Sylvia Ji, Michael Mararian, Steven Daily, Olivia, Nicomi Nix Turner, Ekundayo, Jason Gallo, Gabe Larson, Laurie Lee Brom, Gustavo Rimada, Reece Hobbins, Brendan Monroe, Victor Reyes, Remio, Cryptik, Travis Louie, Albert Reyes, Zach Johnsen, Bwanna Spoons, John Casey, Tomi Monstre,Julia Sonmi Heglund, Lucien Shapiro, Jade, Troy Coulterman, Adam Feibelman, Andres Guerrero, Amir H. Fallah, Colt Bowden, Lettercatsigns, Karen Hsiao, Ben Eine, Bob Dob & David H. Cook