Coro On Juxtapoz Twitter & Facebook for May 2012

May 02, 2012

Coro is one of our favorite artists working today. Maybe saying artist isn't enough: he draws, illustrates, paints, graffitis, game designs, character designs, does advertising work, movie production, and some product design when all of this isn't enough. With his company Massive Black, he is quite busy. He is going to somehow find time to give us a daily drop on Juxtapoz' Twitter and Facebook accounts on the things he sees and does that we all think our readers should know...

If you need some more catch up, Coro was featured in our June 2009 issue, n10.



A little note about the image at the way top and video below, from Coro: "Mothhead is a game idea that our company, Massive Black, has been developing off and on for several years. It's inspired by the sculptures of my good friend, award winning VFX artist Peter Konig. This project gone through many hands and iterations, but the themes of found elements and an awareness of the beauty and conservation of nature have been maintained as core ideas in the Mothhead universe. Here, Mothhead finds a refinery, which is destroying his backyard.. this was painted from my imagination over the course of about 4 hours."