Converse Wall to Wall: Jeff Soto in Los Angeles

September 03, 2014

Longtime friend and two-time Juxtapoz cover artist Jeff Soto was the latest to participate in Converse's Wall to Wall project and his mural in South Central Los Angeles is featured on our October 2014 issue.

"When I found out the wall was in South Central L.A. on Slauson Ave., I decided to make a mural about my ancestors. My great grandparents moved here in the 1930′s, my grandma lived in a house down the street when she was ten, and my mom was born a few miles north. So there’s some family roots around here. I paint antlered animals sometimes, and in my mind they represent a sort of family tree. The Owl is a symbol of age and experience, a matriarch or patriarch of the family, watching over current and past ancestors. I have had this idea to paint an Owl in different places where my ancestors lived- Oakland CA, Lincoln NB, Rochester NY, Sicily…."  —Jeff Soto


Each month Juxtapoz teams up with Converse and a collection of artists in specific cities to creat a special Wall to Wall project that appears on the back of our printed magazine each month. Watch videos, browse photos, and follow the Wall to Wall project here.