Converse Wall to Wall Hong Kong: Alex Hornest

May 29, 2013

This past week, Juxtapoz took a trip to Hong Kong to both celebrate the inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong art fair, as well as spend time with the Converse team and their curated guest list of artists for their Wall to Wall Hong Kong project. Over the past few years, Converse has worked with artists from around the world to create over twenty Wall to Wall projects throughout Europe and North America. For Hong Kong, Converse brought artists from Berlin, China, Brazil, and France to complete the project. Today, we look at Brazil-born, Alex Hornest.

Hornest should be familiar with Juxtapoz readers, having been profiled in the magazine in the past and in our Brazil issue a few years back. His work, often featured on the streets of Sao Paulo, fit perfectly amongst both the old and modern structures of the Tsuen Wan neighborhood of Hong Kong. Its a pleasent urban surprise, where a typical walk to the market turns into a playful adventure if you so happen to lift your head above the commerical awnings. 

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All photography by Jonathan Leijonhufvud