Converse Wall to Wall: Brendan Monroe in Berkeley, CA

August 14, 2014

"Brendan Monroe used to paint the most beautiful blobs you could ever see. And even though he isn’t a scientist, he transforms biology into fine art, finding the spaces between consciousness and ambiguity (although he did in fact have a microbiologist interview him for his monograph, b.monroe). His paintings and sculptures have been shown around the world, including standout solo exhibitions at Cooper Cole in Toronto, Richard Heller in Los Angeles, and Galerie LJ in Paris."

We had Brendan talk to us about his influences in our May, 2014 issue and are very pleased that he graces the back cover of our September 2014 issue!


Each month Juxtapoz teams up with Converse and a collection of artists in specific cities to creat a special Wall to Wall project that appears on the back of our printed magazine each month. Watch videos, browse photos, and follow the Wall to Wall project here.