As you may know by now, Conor Harrington will make his NYC-debut this Friday, September 27, as part of a special Lazarides Gallery pop-up at 268 Mulberry Street. Details have been minimal at best, but London-based Harrington has been updating his Instagram with progress shots of the entire process building the work that is "Eat & Delete." We wrote an editorial piece that will be in the November issue of Juxtapoz, out next week, with a few shots of the new paintings, and are excited to share a few more paintings today. 

Studio photos by Ian Cox. 

Lazarides is proud to present Eat and Delete, Conor Harrington’s New York solo debut coming to Lower Manhattan this September. A central figure within a new breed of contemporary artists tackling socio-political themes Harrington utilises fine art techniques in a context formerly reserved for street artists. The comprehensive showcase features 10 large-scale canvases alongside 5 unique portraits in continuation of the themes first explored in the Irish artist’s 2012 solo exhibition Dead Meat. Looking at the past to highlight the present, Eat and Delete continues the artist’s investigation of a period when European superpowers were at their most powerful and exposes the hypocrisy of empire, status and wealth accrued through less than wholesome means. Raiding the vaults of art history, Harrington spent time at London’s National Gallery before commencing the new body of work, alongside constructing his usual decadent photo shoots, taking us on a theatrical and cinematic journey from beauty and opulence towards violence and destruction.

In addition to Harrington’s rich body of hyper-modern canvases the artist will be displaying four distinctive film works with long-term collaborator Andrew Telling. The showcase features three previous short films documenting the artist’s creative endeavours and off-site projects alongside the unveiling of an alluring recreation of the narrative intrinsic to Harrington’s new body of work. Packed full of sumptuous shots the atmospheric piece blends Telling’s distinguished cinematography with Harrington’s dramatic visuals, spinning out seductive scenes at a leisurely pace whilst providing a greater insight into the artist’s working process.

Keeping true to his graffiti roots the globally acclaimed street artist will embark on a multitude of ambitious murals across New York’s lower east side during his residency in the city. Expanding on themes explored within the exhibition space Harrington’s off-site activity effortlessly blends hyper-realist figurative scenes with historical references in his idiosyncratic painting style.