The Fiberglass Shell Chair and Vans Classic Slip-On are standards of American design, timeless and egalitarian. That Modernica has been making the fiberglass shell by hand in Los Angeles for 25 years, and Vans is the staple of all Southern California fashion, it’s downright sunny that the two companies are collaborating on a Vault by Vans collection. Both brands sport icons with absolutely zero fuss and have transformed the Style 36 LX and OG Slip-On LX into 6 classic looks, with Hawaiian, palm leaf, checkerboard designs. Take the aesthetic of California with you. The Vault by Vans x Modernica Collection will also feature the iconic Fiberglass Shell Chair, also created in the Hawaiian, palm leaf, checkerboard patterns. The Modernica x Vault by Vans collection will see a worldwide release on February 23rd, 2019.

Juxtapoz took an exclusvie factory tour of the Modernica campus this past week, on the eve of the collaboration with Vans Vault. With the entirety of their iconic shell chair still being made in Los Angeles, and demonstrations about how the Vans Vault's collection chairs are made, we got a chance to see the incredible mid-Century machines in action. Just as the chairs were made in the 1950s, again, all in Southern California, the chairs are still being treated exactly the same. From a massive woodshop, to an upholstery building and numerous art collaborations over the years, the Modernica campus is full experience in craft and hamdmade design. We talked with Modernica's founder, Jay Novak, about the city of Vernon where Modernica is located, the history of architecture and design that is unique to Southern California and how that aesthetic has extended to other parts of the world, and it was obvious Novak was dedicated to perserving smart, good design. It's what made this collaboration so natural for Modernica, he noted, because its about smart, functional, minimal design.