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Tonight, June 5th, the NYC nonprofit Transportation Alternatives will be holding the Streets for People benefit gala at Gotham Hall in New York City to raise funds for safe city streets and cycling/pedestrian advocacy. The group has teamed with former Juxtapoz cover artist and frequent Jux collaborator Timothy Curtis on a special print to raise money for the group.

A limited edition print of fifty plus five Artist Proofs will be sold to benefit TransAlt at the gala. The print is of the image above!

Jeanne Masel, founder of art consulting firm On View Now, introduced Timothy to TransAlt, forged the partnership and is managing the project with him. Masel says, “What makes this so special is that the piece was created specifically for this cause, one that Timothy faces whenever he gets on his bike. As a cyclist he understands first-hand how crucial the bike lane network and smart street design is to his daily existence -- and that of so many New Yorkers just like him who rely on their bicycles to get around the city. Often when works are donated they are created long beforehand, not necessarily with the cause or charity in mind. Tim was thinking about TransAlt and all the good they do for NYC when he created this piece. I think you can really see the passion in this work and his connection to cycling and TransAlt's mission in this piece. ‘Two Cyclists, Earth and Child,’ utilizes art as a vehicle to inspire change.”

Timothy said of the collaboration, “I was really excited to create this artwork to support TransAlt because everything they do makes New York City a better place for bikers and cyclists. As a lifelong bike rider and former bike messenger I have benefitted first hand from their activism. ‘Two Cyclists, Earth and Child’ represents the bold statement made by riding a bike instead of a car, being one of love for our planet and our children. The bike symbolizes progression and the cyclists represent life. It is more important now than ever to ride a bike. I hope that the print release will widen TransAlt's audience and spread their mission not only in NYC but to other cities as well.”