Man, how I would do anything to be sun bathing or even striking a pose in the warmth of an outdoor shower. Does anyone have one? Trying to be poetic about this, because nearly 10 weeks inside can make you feel romantic for the simplest of things. What is even more romantic is the new release from Belgian studio, Case Studyo, who once again teamed with painter Jonathan Chapline for a collectible sculpture called "Standing Bather."  

As Case Studyo says, "The bathing figure is one of the most explored visual motifs in Western art history. From ancient Greece to the European art movements of the 1920s and beyond, painters and sculptors have been inspired by the ritual of bathing and have presented their versions of bather with a wide variety of objectives." What they have done is take the character work of Chapline, which in paintings looks almost like digital compositions, and create a classic (almost revival) type figure that is the standing bather. "His ‘Standing Bather’, a deliberate choice was made to breathe new life into the traditional material of bronze; giving the naked figures a radiant coat of fluorescent paint."

Get it here:

Painted bronze
Edition of 8 + 4 A.P.'s  
Color: Fluorescent Yellow / Fluorescent pink / Aquamarine Blue
Sized: 31 x 15 x 8 cm (12.2 x 5.9 x 3.15 inch)
Wood packaging