It seems like a good mantra: Tell it like it is. It's unambiguous and strong. And now in their second collaboration, Sam Durant has teamed with Case Studyo on a special lightbox edition with the phrase that gets right to the point, and can literally be moved to whatever point you want it to be. 

As Case Studyo notes, "Heavily inspired by the social movements of the 1960s, Durant repurposes the language on demonstrators' placards to create new works. By selecting slogans without a reference to a specific event or period, Durant is able to convert general texts to personal messages by changing their medium and the context in which they are shown. By using a preferred advertising carrier of the commercial world to display handwritten and heartfelt messages, the texts get newfound meaning and importance. The electronic light box screams for attention, making the message seem even more significant."

Sam Durant ‘Tell it like it Is!’
Electric sign (light box)
Edition of 25 + 4 AP’s
Sized: 60 x 54 x 8 cm
Wood packaging
Signed & numbered COA by Sam Durant