Fluorescent Smogg are proud to present Chikyu a 21 colour screen print from Japanese artist Taku Obata.

Best known for his monumental BBoy forms, Taku Obata is a multidisciplinary artist spanning sculpture, painting and print making. With his playful approach, Taku transitions seamlessly between figurative and abstract styles with compositions inspired by history, nature and culture. Fusing traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary arts practice, he forges dynamic and sur- prising compositions, the largest of which he has been experimenting with the UK based print house;

"This edition of 21 colour silkscreen prints was very exciting to make," Taku told us. "I've never seen a silk- screen print at this scale with so many layers. I visited the print studio in England and was very surprised and impressed at the printing technology and machinery. To enhance the edition I have also hand finished 10 copies to made this part of the edition completely unique. I hope you enjoy the results."


Whether carving form from a single block of wood or mounds of paint; Taku considers his process to be one of ‘sculptural’ thinking. Works radiate with fluid movement, his BBoy past inspiring a spontan- eous dance-like practice for his work, crafting and responding to an emerging creative direction with each stroke.

Taku’s mark making is totally unique and for us, an almost direct translation of his sculptur- al 2D work process. With this release we want to capture his mark making as closely as pos- sible.
To achieve that we utilised cutting edge technology within printmaking to edition an original piece of Taku’s work at a 1:1 scale. The detail in the reproduction is truly incredible and we’re proud to say that this looks more like an original than anything we’ve created before. - Fluorescent Smogg

21 colour silkscreen Print on Somerset Satin 600gsm with Torn Edges 90cm x 170cm
Edition of 30 +10 Handfinished prints

The edition will be available on 14th October 9am GMT ( 6pm JST) via Fluorescent Smogg