HubSpot and NTWRK have partnered with artist Cristina Martinez for Women's History Month to create two products inspired by HubSpot's "Grow Together" thematic. The release will see a 1 of 1 original work of art by Martinez and a clock design featuring their work as well. Both will drop at the same date and time on March 31, 2022 on the NTWRK app, with all proceeds  donated to the Y-WE Foundation, a community organization that helps young women find their voices, gain important life skills, develop self-confidence, and explore next steps in their college and professional careers.

“Young Women Empowered (Y-WE) provides a community of belonging for young women during this stage of life when they are moving toward adulthood, identifying college and career interests, and exploring ways to take action as community changemakers," Martinez told us. "I wish I had an organization like Y-WE when I was growing up.; they provide the tools and insight to help young women bloom, which is invaluable.”

The custom 1-of-1 "Time to Bloom" original work of art and "Grow Better" clocks will be sold on NTWRK, with Martinez' NTWRK Show to air on 3.31.22 at 6 PM EST! 

Cristina Martinez is a contemporary artist from Tacoma, Washington, now based in Seattle, Washington. Cristina’s formal foray into the art world was through fashion school. While in school, she was inexplicably drawn to sketching and painting the subjects’ bodies; she would imagine each woman's individual stories and struggles as they navigated their make-believe lives. It was this love of drawing and creating that outweighed the sewing and creation of the actual clothing that ultimately outfitted the drawn bodies. As such, Cristina began to explore alternate forms of self-expression, self-exploration, and articulations of self-love through painting; she now produces countless thought-provoking works of art, mostly notably her self-portraits, “flower faces” and abstract pieces. Cristina’s art is the physical manifestation of her Black and Mexican heritage and is especially informed by the strong Mexican women (her mother, grandmother and great grandmother) in her family. Cristina has always had the urgency to tell the often untold or unheard stories of Black and Brown people, especially women, encouraging them to be okay with the unknown and to water themselves in order to bloom and grow in this exciting journey called life. Cristina’s artwork can be found at the World Trade Center in a colorful 52” mural. She has been covered by The New York Times, Interview Magazine, Allure, Vogue and more and was featured as the first artist collaboration with womenswear designer Fe Noel. Cristina has a year-long partnership with Nordstrom and her artwork has been prominently displayed on custom packaging for one of Vaseline’s newest product lines, in addition to many other projects, pieces and collaborations. You can discover more of Cristina’s journey, vision, and artwork by visiting