Our long time friend Sainer just prepared his final release of the year, a limited edition silkscreen Juin en Normandie. Encapsulating the Polish artist's primary focus on color and composition, the image is a compilation of different images from his most recent sketchbooks.

"I'm exploring landscape-based paintings. I'm really into those lately, as well as geometric compositions as the base of the work," Sainer told Juxtapoz in an interview we did w him for our December 2017 issue. "I prefer to see my works as abstract compositions, relationships between forms and colors, which is why the stories and meanings of situations in my paintings are unclear or sometimes irrelevant. The process of painting is really chaotic and sometimes an unexpected move, color or decision could bring new solutions for the image." The importance and preciousness of his sketching, preliminary process was spotlit when the artist released a sketchbook a few years back, so this limited edition is only continuing his going exploration of the formal elements of his work.

"This print is a composition of couple impressions of Normandie. I went there with my wife and daughter in June of this year to collect sketches and color studies of different places like Mers les Bains, Berville sur Seine, Pourville, Etretat, Giverny. As a big admirator of color I had a great pleasure of visiting those places with my plain air easel and my sketchbook. I was trying to capture the contrast between extremely sunny days and the ones that were really moody and foggy, that relation in Normandie might change hour by hour in the same day.

Painting there in nature gave me nice observations about the light, especially on those sunny days on the seaside where light with the time is spreading all over the image, the more you paint the shadow parts becoming brighter and brighter. Nowadays as painters we have access to an unlimited number of references  through the internet, but it's not comparable to the way of understanding the painting process through nature, where during the painting, besides the composition of shapes you can capture the light and the time described by your personality." - Sainer

This entire project was managed by Nicolas Couturieux (http://nicolascouturieux.com/), and Juin en Normandie will be released as a 15 colors silkscreen print on paper measuring 98 x 68 cm in an edition of 220 examples on December 16th at 6 PM CET at sainer.bigcartel.com

Photos of Sainer by Aleksandra Mac