MEAR ONE's New Prints Available Now

December 15, 2017

Planet X is MEAR ONE’s newest work narrating the mythological gumbo of global mythology that predates written history. Now available as a 24x30" giclee print on Juniper Baryta Rag 350 archival semi-gloss paper. Signed in the bottom right corner & numbered in the bottom left corner alongside a graphic timestamp embellishment. Each print comes with a signed artist rendition designer Certificate of Authenticity. Edition of 100. Available now at link on his page. Check it out in the Winter 2018 Issue of Juxtapoz!

"The history of our world is far more complicated than the standard historical model lets on. The vast amount of archaeological evidence found in petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, the ancient Vedas, writings by Plato, and other Sumerian cuneiform documents present a comparable timeline of events unfolding, describing a similar cosmic war between worlds and chronicling the demise of an advanced ancient human race. Both the Greeks and Indians believed in a cyclical process in time called the great year, or the Yugas. This was not limited to these two cultures; the Native Americans, along with the ancient Chinese have similar myths describing events in the heavens that change the course of humanity on earth time and time again. Yet, there seems to be a reason the historians have edited this evidence out of the equation and if we indiscriminately trust in the theories offered up by institutional scholarship without exercising a healthy degree of skepticism then we have accepted a metaphorical blindfold hiding from us the truth about who we are, where we came from. We belong to a golden age since time immemorial, one that possibly spans far deeper into the past than is widely accepted. It is my deepest fascination to search the underlying story on every level of the human experience, and try to articulate the truth that is covered up by those who wish to control the thoughts and freedoms of all people." - MEAR ONE