Juxtapoz is pleased to announce the release of an exclusive print with Seattle-based painter, Mary Iverson. The work is based on Iverson's ongoing "Calamity" series, acrylic and ink on found photograph works on wood panel, that speak to environmentalism, contemporary trade and consumerism. The print is exclusive to Shop.Juxtapoz.com. BUY IT NOW


Calamity at Cairo

Giclee Print
16.5" x 16.5"
2022, exclusive to Juxtapoz


Available January 13 through 19, 2022, only at Shop.Juxtapoz.com

Mary Iverson is an exquisite landscape painter with a razor-sharp contemporary edge. On the surface, we see activism, her collages and paintings warning us of a dystopic future existence. But the truth is, this apocalypse is happening now. Through her paintings of rogue shipping containers invading precious, untouched vistas, she uncovers the gross excess and collateral damages of the shipping industry, and ultimately, commercialism.