We are excited to announce our newest print release with San Francisco-based and internationally renowned painter, Richard Colman. For the Juxtapoz exclusive release, we are presenting the Orange Painting print featuring Colman's evolving signature style. The timed-release print will only be available from March 10—17 at Shop.Juxtapoz.comBUY IT NOW

Colman was the cover story of our September 2015 issue, with solo shows at V1 Gallery, Chandran Gallery, New Image Art and others throughout his nearly three decade career. Richard told us a few years back about his work, "A lot of times, the work I've done or the work I’m doing informs itself, especially at this point, having produced a lot of work over the years. A seemingly unimportant detail from work ten years back, or something like that, will work its way into the newer stuff. It all keeps informing itself."


Richard Colman
Orange Painting
Giclee Print

12.3"x 16.5"

Timed release only, exclusive to Shop.Juxtapoz.com. Available March 10—17, 2021