In conjunction with our Winter 2022 cover story, we are please to collaborate with Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood on two new prints, wifey and hubbie choosey, released in conjunction with the band's Kid A Mnesia anniversary, and Lower Rise, part of Donwood's personal practice. The prints are available exclusively at through December 31st. 


wifey and hubbie choosey

giclee print
16.3" x 16.5"
exclusive to Juxtapoz, 2021

"This was made while Thom and me were working on the KID A artwork; it started as a drawing that turned into a collage with elements from what I guess was an advert for a new housing development. In the background are distant scarecrows - I saw these structures for real out near where the band were recording at one time; wooden posts with a cross-bar, from which dangled the bodies of dead crows, twisting in the breeze. The red carved 'sky' above is a screenshot from a digital fly-through a painting that we made using very early 3D imaging software. I guess this kind of picture prefigures a later obsession with exurbs, ring roads and suburban sprawl in general." —Stanley Donwood


Lower Rise
giclee print
16.5" x 16.1"
exclusive to Juxtapoz, 2021

"This is a drawing I made in the winter of early 2021, during a lockdown, before vaccinations were available and about 5000 people were dying of COVID per day in the UK. A phrase uttered by some government minister at the time labelled this carnage an 'acceptable death rate'. The days were short, light was dim and sleep was scanty. I was drawing pictures of pathways that led away, that suggested some hope of escape. It was a bad time. The drawing is of a track called Lower Rise, and it was made from an iPhone photo I took near the South Downs in Sussex, the previous Halloween." —Stanley Donwood