"What I like about hair in painting is the pattern and repetitiveness, which is hypnotic and attractive," Julie Curtiss told us last year in a feature in our print edition. I particularly love Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ touch and I have always been fascinated with the way he paints hair, skin and fabrics. It’s that same kind of rendering, of softness, or sensuality, that I would like to emulate in my depiction of hair." 

We thought of this sentiment today when we saw the beautiful wooden sculpture/hidden box edition that Curtiss created with Case StudyoLa femme secrète. The work captures the intricate brushstokes and surrealistic qualities in her paintings, these tiny details that you would think would be so difficult to capture in such a wooden work. As Case Studyo points out (the piece has now sold out), "‘La femme secrète’ is a carefully constructed wooden sculpture that also functions as a box, harbouring a secret compartment. The tiny treasure chest allows the owner to truly make the object his own by adding something personal to it; a secret only shared between the collector and work of art." Indeed.