Case Studyo is happy to announce their first release with Jean Jullien, the man behind the fantastically brilliant Instagram account, our April 2016 cover artist, and the incredibly poetic Paris peace logo.

Bright Idea is a wooden lamp hand painted in the artist’s signature style. As Case Studyo notes, "Known for his insightful images and bright ideas, Jean Jullien approached our collaboration as he would tackle a drawing. More than a lighting object, this edition is a three dimensional illustration that perfectly captures the feeling every creative is constantly chasing; the joy of a new insight, the eureka moment, a ‘Bright Idea’. The lamp comes packaged in a custom screen printed wood box. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist."

The lamp is made in an edition of 25. 

The piece will be released on on June 15, 2016.