Felipe Pantone AND Case Studyo have been on rolls recently, with the Spanish artist busy with Beyond the Streets and the Belgian design studio having a series of good releases this year. Today, the two team up for the art edition, a kinetic sculpture called Subtractive Variability Auto, part of Pantone's 'Subtractive Variability' series that works as a platform to "demonstrate chromatic phenomena."

From CS: "In this case, the three rotating acrylic discs create unexpected color formations to the point the piece can turn into a hue that represents the absence of color, a shade of black. The sculpture randomly explores the spectrum of color and the full range of emotions evoked by every nuance. The sleek mechanics in motion capture the surrounding light, allowing the edition to produce a striking and perpetually evolving result that encourages the viewer to embrace change and find beauty in evolution." 

"Subtractive Variability Auto" by Felipe Pantone
Kinetic sculpture with rotating printed acrylic disks. 
Clear plexiglass 
Edition of 100 + 10 APs
Sized 28 x 30 x 6 cm 
Signed and numbered COA Custom screen printed box