Andrew Schoultz at Paris' Oldest Printing House

July 12, 2017

While working with PrintThemAll publishing Andrew Schoultz recently got an amazing opportunity to create his newest limited edition at the oldest Parisian printing house, Idem Studio. Being familiar with the lithography process since under grad school, the LA-based artist was honored to be producing work with the same master printers that used to create works for such artists as Picasso, Matisse, Miró, or Chagall.

Having the full understanding and respect for the craft of lithography, Schoultz made sure he takes the full advantage of its ability to create multiples that so closely resemble an original drawing. The produced image titled Life and Death, depicts a skull representing "Death" and the birds flying with the clouds representing "Life". In the center of it all is the all seeing eye which keeps watch and recording history as it happens. Using his rich and meticulous brush work the multilayered image symbolizes the fragility of life and the fact that our lives are being constantly accounted for and recorded. This is especially real in the modern times of social networks through which we voluntarily let ourselves be monitored.