Combining aspects of the mundane with images of sex acts, Detroit-based collage artist Zoë Ligon juxtaposes actual objects against that which is routinely objectified (bodies, namely female).

Her work is evocative, thought provoking, and symbolic. Themes involving femininity and pleasure through texture come through, as do elements of anonymity; in trimming images of people down to the “bare bones”—geometry, symmetry, lines, and angles—she shows only what needs to be shown: a vessel.

Ligon isn’t made uncomfortable by sex, thinks you shouldn’t be either, and in a way, this expression of hers, her early life’s work, is an effort to depict the world around her in the way she truly sees it; unapologetically—and healthily—filled with lots of sex, beauty, and imagination.

Zoë Ligon is also a sex educator, owns Spectrum Boutique, a sex shop in Detroit, and is a celebrated journalist. With four solo shows and nine group shows under her belt, there really isn’t anything she can’t do. Zoë's art has been featured in VICE, Refinery29, TIME Magazine, and many other press outlets.

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