Eugenia Loli's collages will punctuate your Instagram feed with cosmic surreality and dreamlike landscapes that draw you in and make you want to dream of strawberry fields forever. 

Sourcing images from a stack of 750 vintage magazines that she happily received as a donation, Eugenia develops ideas, scans the images and creates her otherworldly, bizarre and beautiful realities. We were surprised to find out that Loli would like to puppeteer more than just vintage magazine models: "My big dream is actually to be in the movie business, so I see my collages as a single frame of a surreal movie. Escapism is the name of the game for me nowadays. Originally, I had more in-depth and political artworks, but I believe viewers found those heavy-handed, so I switched to more pop-art themes."

We would happily watch a movie directed by Eugenia Loli, a master of surreal situationism.