Stefaan De Croock, aka Strook, Showing In An Abandoned Garage

Oct 14, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017Pop-Up Space, Ghent

Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock aka Strook will be opening a solo show, Out of Sight, in his hometown of Ghent from October 14th—29th in an abandoned garage space. Along with his signature sculptural abstract pieces created with scrap wood, the show will introduce his newest body of work - paintings created using building materials and custom made matter.

The Ghent-based artist has been focused on creating work that celebrates forgotten locations with an existing human presence. Using scrap material found on such non-places, mostly wood, he is composing abstract figurative compositions that represent the people that had interacted with this location in some way. By handpicking the sections with expressive, intense features, he creates artwork that carries the story of it's origin as well as people connected with it, forming an alternative reality along the way.

For his newest body of work he started painting with materials found on location, but also creating his own medium from dust and rumble. For the pieces, he takes photographs of the floor section and than rebuilds it with mixture of sand, pigment and polyurethane, making sure he recreates the patina and texture of the certain place. With such approach he is actually sampling and preserving decay, reviving these frivolous substances, similar to taxidermist immortalizing a living being using its carcass or remains. —Sasha Bogojev