Pace Prints is pleased to present Paper Cuts by Daniel Heidkamp, a series of new unique works on paper, which Heidkamp created at the Pace Editions studio in Manhattan. Hand-cutting and collaging each composition, the artist reimagines landscapes ranging from the iconic skyline of New York City to the coastal enclaves of the Northeast. While his travels and en plein air sketches serve as a starting point, Heidkamp’s new works have pushed his palette to include rich violets, neon pinks and greens and buzzy oranges, heightening his observations to an elevated realism. States Heidkamp, “The monoprints have changed the way I think about color in the studio. I’m trying to capture the look of the real world, but get the kind of saturation that hits you in the face."

In Heidkamp’s Spire series, the artist presents cityscapes that focus in on the LED towers of two of New York City’s 21st century skyscrapers: One Bryant Park and Four Times Square. At once peaceful and highly chromatic, with neon urban vibrancy, these works are inspired by his use of the elusive iPhone app Spireworks. With this app, Heidkamp can physically change the colors of LED spires in New York City for two-minute sessions. In real time, he makes en plein air painting studies to bring into the Pace Editions studio as inspiration for his works on paper.