Meme Talk: Sometimes I Just Be Thinking

July 31, 2017

If you've been following memes and meme-content over the last few years, you've probably noticed the perplexingly hilarious page Sometimes I Just Be Thinking. Whereas many other meme pages have gone in a maxed-out, political, or Twitter-format direction, SIJBT makes minimalistic memes that rely on the context of modern marketing and internet culture to create a collage of clip-art and pixelated text. We learned a little more about where this format came from and heard from its the creators, Oxcops and Tea Elliott

So what got you started making this format of "meme" or collage? What's your background in and when did you start even looking at memes (if you do to begin with).
It began between me and my friend exchanging funny ads and promotional material - we had always exchanged memes, but we particularly enjoyed the funny attitude in some of our favorite advertisements and heavily-branded marketing material. When the Twitter style meme format first started showing up, we opted to start posting in that style as well, and that is how the page began. After a short period (3-4 months) we were quickly trying to recreate those funny moments we had always remembered from our favorite ads and marketing material, trying to apply more of a personal approach to the scenarios we were creating.

IMG 5917

Did you frequent any forums as a kid on the internet? 4chan, reddit, etc?
We were familiar with 4chan at 14 or so, and was a very common place for me to browse when I was younger, and when I was first discovering fun/funny places online.

What other pages or artists have influenced your work? are there any other pages or artists you follow closely and enjoy their work?
Since this whole project has been an exchange of ideas between two friends since the beginning, it feels like our biggest influence is eachother. It's difficult for us to draw an influence from other peoples' projects when the personality of what we're doing (and discovering about ourselves along the way) is what sustains it. We have been following memes less lately, but we can't say there's any particular reason for that. We still gain inspiration just as we always have, and the things that make us laugh hardest are the things that, in most cases, express an inexplicably funny quality that we see when someone (or something) is trying to sell something.


What's your stance on memes being art? How would you describe that relationship? Have you ever made other forms of art?
Making content for SIJBT is a very expressive process for both of us, even though it may fall on a different spectrum for most people. I definitely feel comfortable saying that plenty of memes can fall far enough to be called artwork, sure. One of us does visual art regularly, you can see some of that material on oxcops, and the other has worked with a couple of different pages and content creators since the creation of SIJBT.


How do you think memes represent something new or different about the internet generation?
That's a hard question–– mainly because memes are what we have known during most of our experience on the internet. To us, memes are a great way to take a very bare-bones concept and apply a very concentrated piece of your personality to what's being shared. I think it's still so new that really anyone can take that concept and play around with it in a way that is original, and recognizable to those people who are engaging with you, so I think it's just about waiting to see what comes next.

Thanks for the insight SIJBT!