"Me Dissociating" explores Identity, Relationships, and Conflict in Women and Non-Binary Meme Artists

Oct 28, 2017Erickson Gallery, Portland

Me Dissociating is an exhibition of memes showing for one night only at Erickson Gallery in Portland, Oregon on Oct. 28, 2017.  All of the meme account admins included in the show are women or non-binary, and the theme of the show comes out of the hyper personal content they share online.  At the gallery, the memes will be presented on monitors and projectors to recreate their natural digital environment.

Me Dissociating is about how viewers can deeply “associate,” or relate to images, tropes, or archetypes that can accurately describe a personality or situation in one caption or phrase.  Memes are an omnipresent sight online, but there are countless niches and subcultures surrounding them. The memes in this show are made by artists who make original content consisting of personal narratives.  Most of these accounts have thousands of followers on Instagram who follow and learn to understand their codified language and comment, “same.”  Me Dissociating is less a reference to mental health, and more about dealing with feelings of negating a patriarchal society and finding one’s own place in an online community. Through memes, the show explores what it means to exist on the internet & IRL, while dealing with common themes of identity, relationships, coming of age, and conflict.