Ciler "Error" @ Soze Gallery, West Hollywood

Nov 15, 2014 - Dec 08, 2014Soze Gallery, West Hollywood

This Saturday, November 15th, Soze Gallery will present new works from Mexico City artist CILER, also known as, Alexis Mata. The exhibition entitled, “ERROR”, marks the first solo show in the United States by CILER. This dramatic collection of work will mark the finale to the 2014 season at Soze Gallery.

About Ciler and Error:
CILER’S practice involves the defacement or manipulation of existing images with an often-ominous archeological intent to unearth their emotional substrate. Through the mediums of collage, drawing, painting, and installation work, CILER twists found images into visceral commentaries on death, violence, beauty and the built environment.

"ERROR" is a reflection on our societies degradation and failed empathy that ultimately transforms man and his soldiers into vile aberrations of their former self. We are asked to examine our thoughts and actions and ask ourselves, “What is forever? What will be my imprint on mankind? Can we break the ways of the world and prevent errors to go unchanged?”

With a brutal stroke of sharp jagged lines and the use of a vivid color pallete, CILER often destroys a former beautiful object and creates a new dialogue. This intervention challenges the beholder to question, what is our standard, and what is it that is pleasing to the eye of the beholder.

We witness in the works of the artist that everything is provisional, nothing is static and all can be destroyed. This anomaly or ERROR breaks the world, as we know it and creates a catalyst that desmanteles aesthetic, psychological, and religious paradigm.

CILER, born in 1981 in Mexico City, became known as a graffiti artist at the young age of 16. His themes revolve around the concepts of fear, mortality, violence, redemption and pulchritude. He left the largest and most innovative graffiti art collectives Mexico has witnessed, until he went into fine art, and started showing at galleries and prominent museums like, Museo Carillo Gil, MUCA Roma, and the Museo de la Ciudad de México among others. Internationally he has participated in group shows in London, Barcelona and New York.

"ERROR" marks the first solo show, in the United States, with a vivid and extensive series of more than 45 paintings, collages and sculptures. Soze Gallery is proud to present the CILER: ERROR collection as a culmination exhibit to mark a highly successful year of creativity within the gallery.

Ciler (Error)
Soze Gallery
West Hollywood, CA

November 15th - December 8th, 2014