Chris Trueman "Beneath The Skin" @ Edward Cella, Los Angeles

March 03, 2014

Chris Trueman studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, graduating in 2003 with a dual degree in painting and digital media. Now based in Southern California, Trueman has exhibited around the world with an upcoming solo show, Beneath The Skin, at Edward Cella Art + Architecture in Los Angeles, opening March 8th.

From The Gallery:
(Los Angeles) - Edward Cella Art + Architecture is pleased to announce Chris Trueman: Beneath the Skin, a solo exhibition featuring new works by the Southern California based painter. In his debut project with ECAA, Trueman explores the coexistence of several competing traditions of abstract painting, and presents a cohesive vocabulary that draws from the tensions of its collisions. This most recent body of work presents a unique amalgam of various genres as the artist references the precision of hard edge painting, the expansiveness of color field and the gestural nuance of abstract expressionism. The resulting works are both expansive and immersive, inviting the viewer to experience the simultaneity of depth and recession, spontaneity and strategy.

Chris Trueman’s command of the painted surface is immediately apparent in the formal quality of his work. While his paintings are beautifully rich, the seduction of their surfaces belie the complexity of their content. The works suggest a simultaneous questioning of the tenets of Abstract Expressionism, OP Art, and Color-Field painting. The unexpected intersection of these often ideologically isolationist art practices sets up contradictory visual constructs in Trueman’s work, and by extension, a philosophical set of contradictions as well. The spontaneity of gesture is set against the fastidious technique of hard edge, while expansive areas of color are offset by architectonic layers and terse geometries. The primacy of any singular art movement’s presets is denied by the poignant presence of its counterpart, spun through the artist’s intentionally ambivalent re-combinations.

Trueman’s practice re-envisions these inherited histories of painting by deconstructing their latent imperatives with a fresh aesthetic and approach to materials. The works seductively create a convergence of abstract styles; hard and soft edges collide, gestures emerge from the expanses of color and layers bounce to the forefront, while others recede. The artist’s choice of acrylic medium and acrylic spray paint further contemporizes his re-appropriation of these histories. Through the strategic and intuitive composition of geometric planes, saturated color fields and gestural introjections, Trueman’s paintings feel like new vistas opening onto old terrains.

Edward Cella Art + Architecture
6018 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Beneath The Skin
March 8th - April 26th
Opening Reception: March 8th 6-8PM


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