Cathie Bleck & Amy Casey "Rarely Home" @ Maria Neil

Sep 05, 2014Maria Neil Art Project, Cleveland, Ohio

Lebron James and Johnny Manziel did not come to Cleveland to meet a personal Waterloo, but they might want to check out the Collinwood area and the Maria Neil Art Project that previews Friday September 5th at the Maria Neil Art Project. The opening celebrates the efforts of local businesses and artists who are restoring the life of the Waterloo Arts district. Local gals Cathie Bleck and Amy Casey collaborated on a show that opens Friday and runs through October 19th. Natch, there’s a Craft Beer event to accompany all the burgeoning restaurants, as well as some eateries that been around for 30 years. Another notch in Cleveland’s belt.

Cathie Bleck & Amy Casey "Rarely Home"
Maria Neil Art Project
15813 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, Ohio

Opening Friday, September 5th, 2014