Cardboard Boxes to Life-Sized Objects by Chris Gilmour

April 21, 2012

It is hard enough for us to get around to breaking down the cardboard boxes in our office. Then we see what Chris Gilmour is able to do with cardboard, transforming them into cars, grand pianos, dentist chairs, bikes, and safes, and we think we just have never been able to see the potential lying around us. These are incredible. And remember, that is a life-sized grand piano. Looks like you can play it or get crushed by it at the same time.

Mentioned on Gilmour's site: Gilmour has imposed a strict logic on his works he makes objects using only cardboard and glue. There is no supporting structure, no wooden or metal frame. His interpretations of everyday objects are created in adherence to the use of a pure and single material, but instead of the marble or bronze of classical statues, he has chosen one of the most humble and commonly found of our industrial times. (via)