Based in Vancouver BC, Bud Snow (aka Julia Davis) is a public and private artist who explores forms such as automatism, action painting, community installation, and personal and societal mythology while emphasizing scale. She coined the term Neo Primalism meaning, “A new approach to ‘cave painting’ – an urban explorer that sits as an outlier to both the social platform of graffiti, and the beaurocratic channels of public art.” Using bold colors and a strong sense of line, her pieces allow for an imaginative interpretation while clearly depicting graphic shapes and forms. Bud Snow has been commissioned to do automatic public paintings by many including The Sonoma County Museum, The Nines, and The Arlene Francis Center as well as had art shown alongside artists GATS, Chad Hasegawa, Ryan De La Hoz, and Stanley Mouse to name a few. She has tackled solo and group shows, made graphics for various companies and Bay Area bands, while having her work collected by the Berkeley Art Museum and many private collections in California, Vancouver, and New York.

Check out her solo show at The Naming Gallery in Oakland from May 10th-June 1st you won’t want to miss it!