Brendan Monroe "Observations of Light & Matter" @ Cooper Cole, Toronto

February 24, 2012

On March 2nd in Toronto, Cooper Cole (formerly Show & Tell) will be presenting a solo exhiibition by Brendan Monroe, Observations of Light & Matter. Monroe, in his first solo exhibition in Toronto, will be presenting a series of paintings and sculptures that explores his scientific and imaginary organisms that have appeared in his work over the past few years, often inspired by science and often times directly derived from past scientific observations.

As Monroe, featured in our June 2010 issue, mentions ofthe work, "Observations of Light and Matter is a way for me to reinterpret the facets of current and past scientific frontiers. The work is sometimes directly derived from scientific observations and at other times loosely inspired by them. My purpose is to ask the questions that lead to an understanding of physics in nature all around us. I often don't completely understand the entirety of every concept, but I'm searching for a way to interpret their possibilities and how they might have an impact on myself and others. My interest is not in explaining or figuring out, but more in the interpretation and injection of perspective of these subjects."



Brendan Monroe

Observations of Light and Matter

Mar 02 - Mar 25, 2012

Cooper Cole Gallery
Toronto, Canada