Brendan Davis: The Hidden Treasures Series

January 18, 2013


An amazing installation series where Brendan Davis took mirroed monolith sculptures, put them in nature, and let the pieces reflect their surrounding that resulted in a surreal, almost mythical experience. Each mirrored "menhir" stood at 6.5 feet tall, which would tower over most people. The works were completed in 2010.

From the artist:

Brendan Davis is proud to announce the latest additions to his Hidden Treasures series, which consists of an interactive social networking experience where viewers are invited to participate in a GPS treasure hunt in order to search out environmental art pieces set in various hidden locations around the globe.


These four exciting new works are uniform, reflective sculptures that combine to address questions about the nature of identity formation and the individual's interdependence upon society. The works are minimalist compositions that appear to become part of their surrounding landscapes and simultaneously mirror their environments. As the viewer gets closer to the sculptures and walks amongst them, their own image is reflected back and visible in different manifestations, alluding to the fractured nature of human identity. Through seeing oneself and one's environment reflected back in this unusual way, questions are raised about individualism, control, choice and freedom in modern society.