We’re fascinated with Brad Kahlhamer’s extensive multi-media exploration of themes related to Native American identity and authenticity. His work includes paintings, drawings, sculpture and music. Hiss imagery pulls from traditional Native American visual vocabulary but places it in a contemporary context.

From his bio for a show at the Jack Shainman Gallery:
Brad Kahlhamer works with a range of media from sculpture and painting to performance and music to explore what he refers to as the “third place”—a meeting point of two opposing personal histories. Some influences include Abstract Expressionism, street art, tourist trade and pop art. His work, described by New York Times critic Holland Cotter as charged with “psychic irritation and urgency”, often feature totem poles, teepees, and hawks and weaves in more culturally dissimilar motifs that interrogate his own complex, multilayered identity.

In an interview in Flash Art, Kahlhamer explained the third place, “…I see multiculturalism as involvement with a specific community, while abstract painting maps the self. Abstraction is a form of cartooning with its own signatures and readings, but in the end is perceived as person. I’m profiling myself, but am interested in the history of those caricatures as well. Basically, I’m making landscapes that I can live in, within that history.”

Brad Kahlhamer was born in Tucson, Arizona and currently lives in New York City.