FTC in San Francisco is hosting an art show, book release party on October 3rd for Thrasher ad director Eben Sterling's new book Yogi In Disneyland. 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. 1632 Haight Street, San Francisco. For info and orders DM the @yogiindisneyland Instagram page.

Yogi In Disneyland is a collection of short stories and illustrations documenting a personal spiritual journey through the rides and rituals of Disneyland.

Featuring artwork by: Jason Adams, Todd Bratrud, Jay Croft, Ken Davis, Jeremy Fish, Mark "FOS" Foster, Alan Gonzalez, Beth Gould, Michael Kershnar, Tim Lehi, Morning Breath, Dennis McNett, Palehorse, Show Pigeon, Joe Roberts, Robert Ryan, Michael Sieben, Danny Boy Smith, Bud Snow, Max Stern, Ed Templeton, Kellesimone Waits, and Sean Star Wars.

Eben Sterling has worked at Thrasher and Juxtapoz since 1993. He resides near Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, CA where he enjoys a life of skateboarding, surfing, meditation, and long term sobriety.