We’re excited about Juxtapoz contributor Rachel Cassandra’s latest project—a book about women making street art in Latin America. The book includes interviews, portraits of the artists, and photographs of their work. It’s bilingual, with English and Spanish text.

The women interviewed work in Colombia, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico as muralists making legal art, and as graffiti and street artists working outside of legal boundaries. There are stories of mothers who work alongside their daughters, gallery artists who have made the street their canvas, the first women writing graffiti in their cities, and those who have recently begun working. This breadth of stories is vital to understanding challenges women face in street art as well as illustrating possibilities for street art's influence on the world.

Women Street Artists of Latin America was written and designed by Rachel Cassandra and Lauren Gucik and published by Manic D Press. The creators were recently interviewed on the Justin Hall Show.

The book is for sale on their website and the authors will be touring through the United States in the spring and summer.