The Origins of BunnyKitty: A Tale for All Ages

March 08, 2016

1xRUN and Dave "Persue" Ross have announced the release of a limited edition illustrated storybook, plush collectible and capsule for The Origins of BunnyKitty: A Tale for All Ages. Written and illustrated by San Diego artist Persue, also known Dave Ross, The Origins of BunnyKitty: A Tale for All Ages is a story for the entire family, a tale of acceptance, perseverance and finding one's place in the world.

In addition to the story of BunnyKitty, Ross has worked tirelessly to create a unique BunnyKitty plush toy that is not only a collectible, but brings the character to life alongside her sidekick Twurp, allowing kids of all ages to use their imagination and create their own BunnyKitty journey.

Ross has quietly created a legacy throughout his 30 year career, with timeless works in several industries including design, illustration, product development and graffiti. Ross’ design instinct and visual aesthetic has been seen on over a hundred skateboard decks, throughout the trendsetting early phases of street wear and as an innovator of the west coast graffiti style. You may not know who Dave Ross is, but chances are that you’ve been visually influenced by his work during the course of the past 3 decades.

Since it’s inception 10 years ago, Ross has continued to refine the story and concept of BunnyKitty. In the early days his characters appeared on walls throughout Southern California, and as time progressed so did the illustrations. Over the past 18 months Ross has illustrated over 25 new paintings which find their way into a story that the artist worked on for several years with his mother as she suffered from a debilitating battle with Alzheimer's Disease.

“It has been years in the works building the story of BunnyKitty, and with the passing of my Mother last fall it’s become even more important to share this story with the world. With each sale from this collection I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Alzheimer's research in memory of my mother, with the hopes that a cure will alleviate other families from the burden and pain of this disease,” Ross said from his studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Together with 1xRUN, Ross is launching this collection on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, with the goal of broadening awareness of BunnyKitty and Alzheimer's disease, while bringing the positive fable to a global audience. Early supporters will have a chance to purchase discounted books, plush toys, kids shirts and more. As the campaign progresses Ross will be traveling to galleries around the world exhibiting this collection of the original illustrations along with the book and plush.

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